Proverbs Chapter 13 - American Standard Version

A wise son [heareth] his father`s instruction; But a scoffer heareth not rebuke.
A man shall eat good by the fruit of his mouth; But the soul of the treacherous [shall eat] violence.
He that guardeth his mouth keepeth his life; [But] he that openeth wide his lips shall have destruction.
The soul of the sluggard desireth, and hath nothing; But the soul of the diligent shall be made fat.
A righteous man hateth lying; But a wicked man is loathsome, and cometh to shame.
Righteousness guardeth him that is upright in the way; But wickedness overthroweth the sinner.
There is that maketh himself rich, yet hath nothing: There is that maketh himself poor, yet hath great wealth.
The ransom of a man`s life is his riches; But the poor heareth no threatening.
The light of the righteous rejoiceth; But the lamp of the wicked shall be put out.
By pride cometh only contention; But with the well-advised is wisdom.
Wealth gotten by vanity shall be diminished; But he that gathereth by labor shall have increase.
Hope deferred maketh the heart sick; But when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life.
Whoso despiseth the word bringeth destruction on himself; But he that feareth the commandment shall be rewarded.
The law of the wise is a fountain of life, That one may depart from the snares of death.
Good understanding giveth favor; But the way of the transgressor is hard.
Every prudent man worketh with knowledge; But a fool flaunteth [his] folly.
A wicked messenger falleth into evil; But a faithful ambassador is health.
Poverty and shame [shall be to] him that refuseth correction; But he that regardeth reproof shall be honored.
The desire accomplished is sweet to the soul; But it is an abomination to fools to depart from evil.
Walk with wise men, and thou shalt be wise; But the companion of fools shall smart for it.
Evil pursueth sinners; But the righteous shall be recompensed with good.
A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children`s children; And the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the righteous.
Much food [is in] the tillage of the poor; But there is that is destroyed by reason of injustice.
He that spareth his rod hateth his son; But he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes.
The righteous eateth to the satisfying of his soul; But the belly of the wicked shall want.



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Daily Golden Verse

Proverbs 10:14
Wise men lay up knowledge; But the mouth of the foolish is a present destruction.

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